Today, Columbia announced the $21.5 million gift, which will advance research and teaching in chemistry at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Columbia College, and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Read More
Research on the origins of gold and other heavy metals garners the nation's largest unrestricted scientific prize for young scientists. Read More
GreenDrill promises to reveal the ice sheet’s past in unprecedented detail and enable more accurate predictions of how it may add to rising seas in the 21st century. Read More
The Columbia Climate School will provide the education, research, and global partnerships needed to create and maintain a sustainable society. Read More
A new South American Drought Atlas reveals that unprecedented widespread, intense droughts and unusually wet periods have been on the rise since the mid-20th century. Read More
The scientists are affiliated with the Data Science Institute and will develop static analysis methods that will enhance the usability and accuracy of probabilistic programming. Read More
The researchers received a $2.06M PERFORM grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Read More