June 11, 2019

It Doesn’t Help to Believe No One Will Survive Climate Change

Peter de Menocal, Dean of Science at Columbia and Director of the Center for Climate and Life, discusses the benefits of climate modeling, optimism, and effective science communication.
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June 2, 2019

East Coast More Vulnerable to Stronger Hurricanes Because of Climate Change, Study Finds

New research led by scientists from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and NOAA and finds the U.S. East Coast could soon be pounded by more intense and destructive hurricanes than ever before.
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May 30, 2019

Is Climate Change Fueling Tornadoes?

Chiara Lepore and Michael Tippett, Columbia scientists who study the physics of extreme weather and climate change, discuss whether global warming is behind the increasing tornado activity in the United States.
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May 24, 2019

Forecasts Call for a Normal Hurricane Season, but ‘It Only Takes One’

Researchers are trying to come up with more regionally focused forecasts, said Suzana J. Camargo, a research professor at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, but that is “a harder problem.”
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May 16, 2019

Brain-Controlled Hearing Aids Could Cut through Crowd Noise

A prototype developed by engineers at Columbia's Zuckerman Institute detects whom you are listening to and amplifies only that speaker’s voice; a potential solution to the “cocktail party problem.”
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May 13, 2019

How A.I. Can Help Handle Severe Weather

Maria Uriarte, a professor in the department of ecology, evolution and environmental biology at Columbia University, is using A.I. to try to understand how Hurricane Maria in 2017 altered plant life in Puerto Rico.
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May 1, 2019

In a Warming World, Evidence of a Human ‘Fingerprint’ on Drought

Human activity was changing the Earth's drought and rainfall patterns as far back as the early 20th century, new research by Columbia University scientists shows.
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