June 19, 2020

Rising Seas Threaten an American Institution: The 30-Year Mortgage

A working paper co-authored by Marco Tedesco and Carolynne Hultquist of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, found banks protecting themselves in several ways.
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June 17, 2020

Seeking Dark Matter, They Detected Another Mystery

“It’s not dark matter but discovering a new particle would be phenomenal,” said Elena Aprile of Columbia University, who leads the Xenon Collaboration, the project that made the detection.
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June 14, 2020

Astronomers Track a Fast Radio Burst to Its Source—a Magnetar

“There were just a number of their properties that really screamed out that they were coming from some kind of magnetized neutron star,” said Brian Metzger, an astrophysicist at Columbia University.
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June 5, 2020

Ocean Discovery Complicates Plans to Slash Climate Pollution

The ocean’s ability to absorb industrial carbon dioxide stopped keeping pace with emissions in the 1990s. A new study led by Columbia's Galen McKinley reveals what may have happened. https://bloom.bg/2BD3gxU
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May 30, 2020

US Southwest in Grip of Historic ‘Megadrought’, Research Finds

“Global warming has made the drought much worse than it otherwise would have been,” said Columbia climate scientist Benjamin Cook. “We estimate 30-50% is attributed to climate change.”
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May 22, 2020

The U.S. Is Getting Shorter, as Mapmakers Race to Keep Up

“GPS doesn’t know much about gravity,” said James L. Davis, a geophysicist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University in New York.
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May 21, 2020

Malnutrition Leading Cause of Death and Ill Health Worldwide

Cynthia Rosenzweig, a climate expert at the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies said: “It is really a call to action for countries and international organizations, NGOs and the whole system, to create a transformation in the food system.
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