April 24, 2017

Extinction Risk for Many Species Vastly Underestimated, Study Suggests

A new study indicates that the number of plant and animal species at risk of extinction may be considerably higher than previously thought. A team of researchers, however, believe they’ve come up with a formula that will help paint a more accurate picture.
April 19, 2017

New Microscopy Method Breaks Color Barrier of Optical Imaging

Researchers at Columbia University have made a significant step toward breaking the so-called “color barrier” of light microscopy for biological systems.
April 19, 2017

Water is Streaming Across Antarctica

Scientists from Lamont-Dohery Earth Observatory have discovered that seasonally flowing streams fringe much of Antarctica’s ice. The widespread presence of these melt streams signals that the ice may be more vulnerable to melting than previously thought.
April 19, 2017

New Study Uncovers First Genetic Clues to Rare Eye Disease

Genes that cause MacTel–a rare disease of the retina–remain elusive, but a new study from an international team of researchers has narrowed the search. The researchers combed through the genomes of more than 450 patients and identified five small regions of the genome where MacTel genes are likely to reside.
April 17, 2017

Columbia Engineers Invent Method to Control Light Propagation in Waveguides

A team of Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Applied Physics Assistant Professor Nanfang Yu, has invented a method to control light propagating in confined pathways, or waveguides, with high efficiency by using nano-antennas.
April 13, 2017

Columbia’s Data Science Day Highlights Transformative Possibilities

Big data’s astounding possibilities for reshaping health care, business, government, and other aspects of our lives took center stage at Columbia University’s Data Science Day, a gathering of more than 600 engineers, researchers, and industry leaders at the Data Science Institute.
April 13, 2017

David Blei’s Big Data Innovations Win Him a Guggenheim Fellowship

Statistics and Computer Science Professor David Blei has been tailoring machine learning and topic modeling for a wide variety of research areas, including image analysis and patient monitoring.