Next Generation Nanoscience: Columbia Science Commits

In recent decades, researchers working at scales as small as a single atom, the nanoscale, have revolutionized our understanding of how matter is structured. At this scale, classical physical laws overlap with quantum effects permitting assembly of structures and devices that have novel properties, applications, and behaviors.

Columbia University’s work in next-generation nanotechnology and fabrication holds immense promise for both further discovery and practical applications. Led by the Columbia Nano Initiative, their discoveries, and the new tools and methods they develop, are leading to the creation of materials with extraordinary qualities — extremely strong, highly conducive to energy transfer, unique in their electrical properties — allowing for revolutionary advances in computing, new materials, and clean, renewable energy.

In this video, Colin Nuckolls, Latha Venkataraman, Xiaoyang Zhu, and Dmitri Basov explain their research and how Columbia’s commitment to nanoscience will benefit society and reshape the world around us.

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