October 12, 2018

Researchers Say an 1800s Global Famine Could Happen Again

The Global Famine was one of the worst humanitarian disasters in history, killing as many people as World War II. A new analysis suggests it could happen again, only worse because of climate change.
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October 11, 2018

It’s Totally Possible to Limit Global Warming to 1.5 Degrees

A special report published this week finds that things will get a lot worse if we let the planet reach 2 degrees of warming. To limit climate change to 1.5ºC of warming, the world needs to reach zero net emissions by 2050. This will be challenging, but not impossible.
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October 2, 2018

The Melting of the Greenland Ice, Seen Up Close

A small team of scientists ventures out onto the Greenland ice sheet to study the forces large and small that are accelerating the melting of the world’s second-largest ice mass.
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September 28, 2018

New Book: Climate Information for Public Health Action

A new textbook edited and written by researchers across Columbia gives the health community a primer on why, when and how climate information can and should be incorporated into health research, policy and practice.
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September 27, 2018

Using Tree Ring Records to Decode Earth’s Climate History

Cook, a founding director of the Tree Ring Lab at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, explains how he uses tree rings to study past climate and advance understanding of drought.
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