July 10, 2017

Researchers Revolutionize Brain-Computer Interfaces Using Silicon Electronics

In new DARPA project, researchers exploit the latest in silicon electronics to invent an implanted brain-interface device that could transform how artificial systems enhance brain functions.
July 5, 2017

Precision Genomics Laboratory Established at CUMC

The Institute for Genomic Medicine and the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology are pleased to announce the formation of a new initiative designed to enhance constitutional genomic diagnostics, research, and education at Columbia University Medical Center.
June 28, 2017

Researchers Develop Yeast-Based Tool for Worldwide Pathogen Detection

Columbia University researchers have developed a tool that is likely to revolutionize the way we detect and treat pathogens in everything from human health to agriculture to water.
June 28, 2017

New Research Shows a Decline in Plant Diversity Could Affect Entire Ecosystems

New findings by Columbia researchers are among the first to show that a decline in biodiversity may also play a role in plants flowering earlier every year, magnifying the impact of climate change not just when plants flower, but on entire ecosystems.
June 27, 2017

As Climate Stirs Arctic Sea Ice Faster, Pollution Tags Along

A warming climate is not just melting the Arctic's sea ice; it is increasing the odds that ice-rafted pollution will foul a neighboring country's waters, says a new study by Stephanie Pfirman and Robert Newton, researchers at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.