September 11, 2017

Brightness of Luminous Astronomical Explosions Is Product of Powerful Shockwaves

A new study suggests a theoretical prediction explaining the unusual brightness of some astronomical explosions, first developed by Columbia University astronomers and physicists, is correct.
September 7, 2017

Could Climate Change Breed a Whole New Category of Hurricane?

Hoaxes have been calling Irma a Category 6 hurricane, but there’s no such thing. Columbia University scientists discuss whether there could there be in the future.
September 6, 2017

Q&A with Nikolaus Kriegeskorte: Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand the Brain

Nikolaus Kriegeskorte recently joined Columbia University as a Professor of Psychology and Director of Cognitive Imaging at the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.
September 5, 2017

Large-scale Study of Genetic Data Shows Humans Still Evolving

In a study analyzing the genomes of 210,000 people in the United States and Britain, Columbia University researchers found genetic evidence that natural selection is happening in modern human populations.
September 4, 2017

How Will Scientists Find Out Whether Climate Change Made Hurricane Harvey Worse?

Columbia University scientists explain that it's too soon to say there’s a connection between Harvey and global warming, but searching for the fingerprints of climate change shouldn’t take too long.